Your Action, Your Success (non-fiction)

Easy, no-nonsense tips and strategies to help yourself get more things accomplished.

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Many of us want to accomplish more. Perhaps it is to start and finish a project, develop a new skill, begin a new hobby or career, or improve in our work. But we have roadblocks and lack of know-how that prevent us from making headway. Your Action, Your Success addresses many of our challenges and offers solutions for getting ourselves moving. How to find the time, set priorities, face your fears and roadblocks, determine motivation, define success, and how to take those first steps. 

Begin with Your Action, Your Success today and soon you will be on your way to getting more things done!

Here is a Sample Audio Excerpt from the book.

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I've been called a "doer" more than once because when I like to get things done. But, I have struggles just as other people do. This book comes from my desire to address the typical roadblocks many of us face and offer my two cents on how to get more accomplished.

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Ms. Dresback offers readers an in-depth view into what prevents well-intentioned individuals from achieving their goals. She offers a unique perspective as well as essential tools and strategies that will help readers self-analyze excuses that they hold as truth, and help identify the underlying challenges in thinking. Your Action, Your Success provides valuable insights to help anyone push beyond perceived roadblocks that stand in the way of attaining goals and achieve breakthroughs to success.
— Kimberly T., Financial Services Professional

A few words from the author of Your Action, Your Success: Motivating Yourself to Get Things Done

Diane brings a unique voice to a book about getting things done. Instead of mindlessly following lists of commands about how to be successful, her conversational and storytelling style puts personal perspective around her motivational concepts.
— Webb P., Filmmaker
We all have those items on a “to do” list that we never seem to get to. Diane teaches us how to tackle those items in a well-written, easy to read and understandable way. This is not a book to be read once and placed on the shelf, but one to be used as a motivator and a helpful reference tool.
— Natalie K., Human Resources Professional
Reading this book is like having a personal conversation with the author, as she shares her experience and insights on ways to not only get things done, but maybe even embrace each task as an opportunity along the way.
— Michael B., Director IT Compliance, Global Information Solutions
Diane not only knows how to get things done, but she inspires me to get things done as well.
— Bivás B., Research & Development, Engineer and Filmmaker
The book was practical and most important a reminder of how rewarding goals and completing projects enrich our lives.
— Rita A., Retired Financial Industry, President & CEO