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Storytelling. Whether it be in books, film, music, or through any other number of different mediums, it is a way for an artist to share their uniqueness with an audience. With any of these creative endeavors, the goal is to take another human being on a journey of sorts. After all, life is full of journeys, both small and large.

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Fun to INTERVIEW with the Heroine's Journey!

Happy to participate in a blog INTERVIEW with Activia Training in England on my non-fiction book!


Postponement - is now available. Suspense with a sci-fi thread! Meet Nora and follow her journey. Find out more HERE.

Next Up: Room for Another

Now available, an online course for the leaders of volunteer groups. Find more information for   Elected Leader, Now What?

Reminisce is now available through select retailers. LINK to outlets and watch the BOOK TRAILER

Promise of Protection audiobook edition is available! Find out more and listen to a sample excerpt HERE.

An excerpt from my recent Blog... "I had no idea of the impending emotional impact coming after pushing PLAY on my car's CD player.".... Read the full BLOG here.