Awake As A Stranger (in development)

Treaz wakes up in another person’s body as Omani is held captive on her uncle’s compound. Both long for freedom but they don’t even know each other exists. Can they find it together?



When Treaz wakes up in a body that is not her own, the old adage, “walking in another person’s shoes,” becomes all too real as she faces each new assignment. With an over-protective mother who spent her last three years in a psychiatric facility and a grandmother with worsening dementia, Treaz questions her own sanity. Thrust into a world where things seem normal to most, she must discover how to survive with Pearl Man following her every move. She struggles to make sense of her new reality, seeks out the reasons for her predicament and searches for a way back to her own life.  

Omani is held forced to work and live on her Uncle Filip’s compound near the Swiss Alps. With no Internet access, and a life-long disability, she is unable to leave. Can she use her skills of influence to find a way to freedom?

How will the paths of Treaz and Omani cross?


On cold nights, I like to take hot baths. One night before I climbed into the bubbly water, I mentally prepared myself to come up with just a nugget of a story that could be developed into a future book. There were a few ideas, and one stuck.

A while back, I started developing the story, the characters, and the world in which everything takes place. The writing process that works best for me includes creating a very detailed outline to begin with then as I start to write, needed changes and improvements happen along the way. My oldest son decided to participate in the 2016 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I wanted to participate along with him. So, this is the story I chose to work on and wrote 51,733 words towards a first draft during November 2016. Fun way to get started! In the 2018 NaNoWriMo challenge, I added another over 53,000 words.

Just a temporary picture - Cover Coming!

Just a temporary picture - Cover Coming!