Nick discovers a world of drug-induced memory manipulation in order to overcome his struggles. If our memories make us who we are, then what happens when we change them?.

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Estranged from his wife and working a dead end job, Nick Devlyn is introduced to a pleasurable coping mechanism that allows him to re-live past memories from the confines of the Parlor. The man responsible for this world of potent drugs and fringe technology is Sid Johar, a self-proclaimed healer of wounded souls. What begins as a harmless recollection exercise, Nick soon must make sense of disturbing discoveries.


This story actually started as a feature film idea. We shot a teaser (which is now the Book Trailer) a few years ago. The inspiring moment came while sitting at a film festival with a couple of friends in the local independent filmmaking community. They were reminiscing about some past events and as I was listening, it struck me how cool it would be to go back and relive certain experiences...but not all. There most definitely would be a cost for living in the past.  

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Reminisce - Book Trailer

I read a lot and I have to say that this story totally surprised me in the end! It moves along and I found myself wanting to turn the page as it were to find out what happens next.
I found myself completely engaged and pretty much read it straight through. I’d highly recommend this book if you enjoy twists and turns and a good surprise ending!
The story is about sadness and guilt, and how hard it is to forgive yourself. It is also about what lengths people will go to re-live special events in their lives.