Room For Another

Theresa shares stories of a broken childhood, love found and lost, and an unwanted pregnancy. Based on true events.

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Seventy years young, retired teacher and journalist, Theresa Clavin, jumps at the opportunity to help two high school girls struggling with a journalism writing assignment. She surprises her unsuspecting interviewers with stories of a broken childhood after the devastating death of her mother, and challenges with a resentful, unloving stepmother and uninvolved father.

Theresa longs for a “normal life” and believes she’s finally found it as she becomes absorbed in college. But her choices carry consequences, one of which is an unwanted pregnancy. In the late 1950s, options are different for unwed, expectant mothers. Tales of love, loss, and strength provide not only fodder for Theresa’s journalistic students, but also prepares herself for one of the most impactful introductions yet to come.

Room For Another is a fictionalized account based on true life events of author Diane M. Dresback’s biological mother.


For those that know me, they know I am also an independent  filmmaker. When asked how I got into film, I share that I had a personal experience that inspired me to write my very first feature length screenplay. This adoption story was it, albeit modified and much shortened. On my birth mother’s deathbed, she enthusiastically embraced my writing this story into a book.

One thing that I learned about my biological mother was that it didn’t matter if you were blood, step, half, ex, in-law, adopted, or anything else. Everyone was family and she always had room in her heart for another.


Room For Another - Book Trailer

I loved your book. I’ll be sharing it for sure!
I enjoyed the book a lot. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.
A must read friends. Can’t put it down!