Nora works in cryonic preservation of newborn babies. Unable to keep her emotional distance, she becomes entangled with trying to help one baby in particular.

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Advances in cryogenic research and a Supreme Court decision has provided parents the option to cryonically preserve their newborns until they decide it is the right time to bring their infants home. This technology provides women and couples needed time to prepare their own lives for the raising of a child, perhaps due to parental maturity, career or schooling obligations, or even financial goals. The Postponement Center is one of many for-profit, privately held and operated postponement facilities across the nation.

As a client liaison at The Postponement Center, Nora Collins helps parents plan for the legal and safe cryonic postponing of their infants, sometimes for health reasons but mostly for convenience. Single, and past child-bearing years herself, work is Nora's life as demonstrated by her unusual relationship with the babies kept preserved. Drawn to one neonate in particular, her ultimate desire is to see him able to live a normal and healthy life. To ensure him that possibility requires extreme measures and pushes Nora to take actions she never would imagine doing.


In 2008, a group of us participated in our second 48 hour film challenge. This is how the competition worked. All teams were given a genre and we were assigned science fiction. Within 48 hours, we had to write, prepare, shoot and edit a 7 minute short film. It was great fun despite only two hours of sleep and a “touch” of stress at the end when we broke several speed limits zooming across town to meet the deadline by just 5 minutes! On and off over the years, I've spent time developing and re-developing the story, the characters, and the world in which everything takes place. Currently, the screenplay is close to being finished and the film is actively on my mind for development. 


Postponement - Book Trailer

A suspenseful and adventurous tale of Nora Collins and the choices she makes at the Postponement Center. A well written science fiction story with twists and turns that make this book a page-turner. Diane gives vivid descriptions of her characters that keep you interested in what will happen next.
A wonderful quick read. The balance of drama, suspense, and science fiction is perfect and the concepts are well researched. Postponement is truly an original story and has a feminist heart with an emotional twist.