Promise of Protection

Joe is called to a senior living facility 16 hours away. He unwillingly becomes entangled in unraveling the bizarre scientific work of his estranged father.

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After 25 years of estrangement from his father, Joe Tenning is unexpectedly summoned to the bedside of Charles Tenning. Suddenly, he is pulled into unraveling the disturbingly bizarre and ethically questionable scientific work in which his father has been covertly engaged. Despite the desire to return to his quiet life running his winery, he now must wrestle with the effects of his father’s work on himself, his loved ones and the lives of many unsuspecting children. 


Promise of Protection began several years ago on a drive from Phoenix to San Diego. I was by myself with only my voice recorder and I told myself I had to have an idea before I arrived. It worked! I was inspired driving through the dry dessert and past big rural farms. Making the protagonist a winemaker came after a visit to Kief Manning's Vineyard in Sonoita, Arizona. The fictional small town in Texas came from actually living in a real small town in South Texas.   

Well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Fun characters with plenty of twists and turns.
A short trip to see his estranged father turns into two weeks and a story that holds your interest to the end. It is filled with surprises at every turn. Her descriptions are vivid.
Wonderful and heart-warming read that left me at the edge of my seat until the end. I was not disappointed! I strongly recommend this book