Unexpected Knock

It is a short story Blog! 

A woman visits the home of her mother’s high school friend hoping to find a family she never had.


     Jill sat in the torn seat of her seven year old faded blue Corolla. She had saved all the earnings from adolescent jobs to be able to purchase it when she graduated from high school. It used to smell and look brand new when she had faithfully washed it at least monthly for the first four years. But after Jill had accepted a position in a popular and busy chain restaurant as a bartender, the thought of spending her precious time off vacuuming seats and scrubbing tires became less important. 

     The piece of paper she held in her hand consisted of a name and an address. The paper had been unfolded and refolded numerous times over the past few days. Jill refolded it once again and tossed it into the ashtray. As it landed, a few dry ashes floated up into the air.

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