Recording A Short Story

You know what? I just love short storytelling formats. Whether it be in filmmaking or in books. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still love full length novels and feature films. I read, watch and write my share of those as well. But, there is something that draws me to fictional pieces that I can enjoy in one sitting.

Last week, I found an old idea for a short film and decided to write it into a short story.  Then, from my little Texas town, the creative bug bit me even harder and I ended up experimenting with an audio version as well. Actually, it gave me an opportunity to see how the process could work. 

I’m most obviously NOT a professional reader or actor, but it sure was fun recording and editing this project together! Then, I wanted to have even more fun and decided to play with adding music, a few sound effects, and pitch changes for specific characters. 

There was a lot to be learned and I have a list of things to do differently next time—like slowing down, trying to articulate more and using my equipment better. And, although I totally loved the process of reading the story, having a “real” actor read the words always gives it a more professional feel. 

A while back, I had asked a talented actor and friend of mine, Kane Black, to record three chapters from the novel I am currently writing, again to see how it sounded. Wow, he was awesome! 

Next time this audio bug bites, I just may have to reach out to some additional actors and expand the storytelling even more!

Overall, this was a pretty cool project to work on and it gave me the chance to spend some time back in editing, albeit audio.

For those who may be interested in either reading or listening to the short story, here is a brief description along with a link to the written and audio versions

The Black Vase - With years of professional performance experience, Cassidy Erickson finds herself back in her childhood church as the pianist. She is not known for her pleasant ways and finds herself coerced into mentoring Sam, a talented young sixteen year old girl. Sam is challenged by Cassidy, not only musically but by her condescending ways and hardened exterior. 

Both the written and audio versions of The Black Vase are found on my Mindclover website under Short Stories)

I hope you enjoy this fictional short story!

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