Going Sailing

Last weekend, I went sailing for the very first time. I’ve been on numerous powerboats over the years, but a thirty-eight foot sailboat was completely different.

After hearing about all Rick’s sailing experiences and his intent to have more of them, he decided to introduce me to this type of boating gently. 

As we have a handful of times over the past few months, we were enjoying Harrison’s Landing. It is a bar and grill that floats in the Corpus Christi Marina. A fun place to go to chill that has a spectacular view of the city as the sun goes down. While we were there, the lovely owner, Cathy Harrison, checked in with us. We asked about the sailing cruise they advertised on their menu, and she immediately offered to get us all signed up. 

We booked a two hour sail, solely as passengers. No work involved on our part. The expedition was for the following afternoon, so I had plenty of time to get all psyched up for the trip. From our hotel room we had a fabulous view of the Corpus Christi bay. Unfortunately, the hotel windows were dirty, so the pictures I snapped weren’t as stunning as they could have been, but regardless, it was an amazing sight both at night and at dawn. We even saw a dolphin that morning from our window!

I love the water, but motion sickness has been a part of my past. I can go all day on roller coasters with huge straight drops. Holding my feet up off the floor, putting my arms high in the air, and keeping my eyes closed, it’s the absolute best thrill! But, the ones that are too curvy and have several rolling type of movements, eh—not so much. And going backwards, uh, no es bueno for my tummy. 

On the boat trip between Long Beach and Catalina Island in California—I didn’t get sick on the way over, but was uncomfortably queazy on the way back. Lots of people were not feeling well. Forget trying to get into one of the onboard restrooms.

Then there was that time on a family vacation in Cancun. I was sitting below the water line with one of my son’s (he was six), watching the gorgeous colorful fish swim by the portholes in the center of the boat. All of a sudden, I felt the need to go up top for some fresh air, not realizing until it was too late that bobbing around in that beautiful aqua blue water was doing a number on my equilibrium—hence my stomach! 

The remainder of that trip was thoroughly miserable. Those of you who are afflicted by motion sickness know, once it starts, it’s hard to stop unless you get off the boat, out of the car, or exit the ride.

So, you can understand my concern for the sailboat. Not the actual sailing, but the chance of getting sick. No one wants to be heaving over the side of a boat for two hours, especially in tight quarters.

Anyway, I took some precautions and purchased a couple of natural remedies. A pair of tight wrist bands that pushed up against a specific spot on my wrists, and some ginger gum. I’m happy to report, they worked! Perhaps they acted more as a placebo effect, but regardless, I did fine on the boat…thankfully. 

We were scheduled to sail from 5 to 7 pm. The weather was breezy and although I brought an extra jacket, I never did put it on. There definitely were white caps so plenty of wind and motion on the boat.

Our Captain for the trip was a most friendly young man whose name was Keith. He was extremely pleasant and laid back. And, had some fun sailing stories. He definitely knew what he was doing and was used to handling the sailboat on his own. 

Keith and Rick spent a good amount of time talking about the boat. It had quite a roomy interior cabin. One that could certainly be lived in for those longer sailing adventures. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a galley (kitchen), and a living area. 

Encouraged to bring along the beverage of our choice, we opted for a favorite red wine - Menage á Trois. Only one other couple joined us on the boat that day. She had surprised her husband with the outing for his birthday. 

One of Rick’s favorite things about sailing is that it is quiet. After Keith got us out of the marina and into the bay, he cut the motor, and let out the sail. My goodness, Rick was right! All that could be heard was the water splashing against the side of the boat and the group of us talking. 

I can see how it would be very important to sail with people you enjoy—haha! You spend most of the time totally relaxing, taking in the fabulous view, and enjoying good conversation. Keith shared with us that he loves taking people out on the boat—any opportunity to sail. But, sometimes he has groups that don’t speak English, or don’t talk at all. Those trips provide a different type of afternoon.

The only uneasiness I felt was when we first starting actually sailing. The motor went off, the sail opened up and the vessel leaned heavily to the left. My natural instinct was to lean towards the center to even us out. I didn’t want us to tip over! My naivety was evident. After a few minutes of the, ‘oh my gosh, we’re going over’ feeling, I finally asked if this was normal. I was reassured that it was and that most of the time when you’re sailing, you are leaning to one side or the other. 

It reminded me of the first time I rode on the back of a motorcycle with a friend many years ago. He had instructed me to just follow the lean of his body, and not try and compensate by leaning the opposite way when we went around a corner. 

It took me a little while to get used to this new sensation and by the end of the trip, it felt much more comfortable. Comfortable enough that on the return trip, I ventured up to sit in one of the back upper seats. It turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. It was super windy, a bit chilly, but gave a great view of the Corpus Christi bay and shoreline.  

Overall, our afternoon on the Harrison’s Landing Sailing Cruise was an absolutely wonderful experience. I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the water and boating. Ask for Keith and tell them Rick and Diane sent you!

I will be looking forward to sailing again—sooner rather than later. Thanks Rick.

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