Goodbye Faithful Slippers

I truly believe that life is to be lived and not just something that happens to us. I am the first to admit, sometimes I don’t want things to change. I like them the way they are. It’s like having old comfy slippers. The ones that have kept my feet warm and protected. They have offered years of soft relief after long days on my feet and they are the first thing I put on when I get home. 

However, eventually no matter how much sticky tape I adhere to them, they wear out. It almost feels traitor-like to toss them into the trash in exchange for new ones. But, things do change and I make the needed adjustment. And, when I ease into those brand spanking new slippers, I quickly appreciate the cushy and hole-free bottoms. 

As in life. On our individual journey’s, we may find comfort and satisfaction and happiness in various aspects of our lives. Relationships, work, spiritual, the pursuit of dreams and passions. Then more often than we like, those soles wear out and we just can’t tape them up any longer. Change become necessary. 

Some of our adjustments may be small, some large. Some are in our control and many are not. When we make a change, everyone might be happy. On the other hand, making an unpopular decision or choosing a path that others do not understand, can be risky.

It definitely takes guts to risk. To put ourselves out there. Especially if we decide to change an unhealthy relationship or pursue a new job or go for a dream we’ve carried inside for many years.

Naysayers and critics are not far away. Those that don’t agree nor understand what we are doing or why we are doing it. Are they wrong? No, not necessarily. Criticism or heart-felt concern is based upon one’s own experiences and perceptions. But those individuals are not us. They can only make conclusions through their own head and heart, not ours. Should we listen to them? Sometimes. But frankly, our life journey is a unique one and the choice remains our own. Remember, our dream is different then their dream. Our passion is different from their passion. Our sense of wholeness, satisfaction and happiness is different then theirs. 

On more than one occasion in my life, I have stopped to listen to the words coming out of my mouth or the attitude emitting from my head or an outcome resulting from my actions. I had to ask myself, “Are those my words? Are those my thoughts? Are those my desired actions? Or are these all coming from someone else’s influence?” 

I know this sounds strange, but sometimes I’ve realized that those words, attitudes and actions coming out of me are NOT me. And I wonder where the heck did I go? The answer usually is when I have allowed myself to become lazy because accepting someone else’s opinion is easier. Other times, I simply hadn’t realized how much of an influence another person had over me and I needed to get back on track.  

Each of us lives our own life. Me mine and you yours. When I start living yours and you start living mine, things start to go haywire. We can lose our energy, hope and grounding. So, when you hear someone else’s words fall from your lips or exhibit an attitude that isn’t truly your own or engage in behaviors that feel foreign, take note. It may be time to abandon the taped up slippers and try something new. 

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