Mid-Year 2014 Update

I missed last week’s blog—first time in six months! Probably due to being out of town and more likely because I haven’t been in my “creative” space lately, but in my “planning and coordinating” mode. So, this blog is more of an update on Mindclover projects.

While on my recent nine day trip back to Phoenix, I started out by attending the Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival where we had one of our short films (INDIGO CHILD) screening. I was honored to have been part of a panel discussing women and filmmaking. The festival was very enjoyable, but more importantly, a time to network and reconnect with other indie filmmakers.

Then, it was on to two days of auditions. There is definitely some quality acting talent in Arizona. Making the decisions for cast members is necessary but always difficult!

The remaining few days consisted of several business meetings and personal appointments as well as time with family.

Once back in Texas, it took me a day to update all my to do lists for ongoing and upcoming projects. And, I’ve been staying focused on getting things crossed off of that list. For anyone that might be interested, I have four major projects remaining this year.

First, I’m really excited about a longer short film (about 20 minutes) that I have written and will be directing. The film is called BLUE COPPER. The auditions I held while in Phoenix were for the two lead characters. Here is the synopsis:

Hired for a month to care for 25 year old Hunter, Roz and her psychologically complex client develop a relationship based upon an undeclared mutual desire to liberate the other. Well-intentioned efforts lead down precarious and unexpected pathways.

I am thrilled to have Sara Dangler producing on the project and Bret Kalmbach returning from New York to shoot for us. My two sons, Devon and Trenton, will and already have had useful creative input on the script. We will be filming this project in Arizona this fall.

After supporting other people’s crowd-source funding campaigns over the past several years, this time we will be conducting our own campaign. Many people have become familiar with Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other websites that allow filmmakers, artists, musicians, and other creatives to raise money for their projects. People often want to help others achieve their creative goals and will happily contribute a few dollars to help see the project completed. And, in doing so also receive some fun rewards themselves. It is a growing trend in many creative fields, especially indie filmmaking. So, for those interested, stay tuned for more updates on BLUE COPPER on my website: http://www.mindclover.com/films/#/blue-copper/.

Second, I can see now that as with any type of writing (screenplay or manuscript), it feels like revisions and rewrites could go on indefinitely while attempting to achieve perfection! Knowing perfection is a moving target, soon I will be seeking an editor, then proceeding to the final version of my first fictional book. In addition to an ebook format, I met with a talented actor friend of mine to discuss a possible audio version as well. That will be fun!

Third, we will be doing a second project with one of my favorite clients, Phill Akinwale. A couple of years ago, we shot an hour long production of a narrative script he had written to train his clients in Project Management. There were seventeen local Arizona actors in the Time Machine fictional story. This time, we will be shooting a reality tv type of show and will be following a project management team through their process.

And last but not least, we had a development meeting while in Phoenix on a feature film that I have wanted to get off the ground for a while. There is still much to be accomplished, but we felt renewed enthusiasm about the project after a productive meeting. We are taking some long awaited steps to hopefully bring this film to life next year.

That’s about it. Busy and focused will be a good description for the remainder of this year. If you read this far, thank you so much for your interest and your support!

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