A Kick for Blue Copper

I am very excited to highlight some of our recent activities surrounding the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign for our film BLUE COPPER. 

If you are in the independent film industry, you know what Kickstarter is all about and most likely have supported a few campaigns here and there. I personally have backed many projects over the last few years because I believed in the project or the people creating the projects. However, if you are NOT in the indie film world, you are thinking, “What the heck is a kickstarter?” 

A few years back, crowd-funding started to become more popular. It truly is a wonderful platform for us creative types to raise funds to help pay for our projects. It works beautifully because if a lot of people give a little bit, then everybody wins! Although, there has been some huge campaigns out there that have raised in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Blue Copper isn’t near that size. However, I have some good ideas on how I would use that much money should some rich millionaire come along. Haha!

Once deciding to utilize Kickstarter in helping raise funds for our project, we assembled all kinds of information, set the fund raising goal, set a timeframe, and created supporter reward levels. Then the video was put together and added into the Blue Copper Kickstarter page along with everything else. 

The one thing about a Kickstarter Campaign is that they are all or nothing. So, if we don’t raise at least our goal amount, then our team won’t receive any funds and our backers don’t pay anything. That’s why it’s so important for us to get the word out. We can exceed our goal (which would be really helpful), but we at least need to raise that initial goal amount. If we make the goal, before Kickstarter gives us the funds, they take a small percentage fee to cover their expenses (just from our final amount, NOT from our contributors). 

Back to BLUE COPPER. I talked to some key people who are close to me about the BLUE COPPER project. They liked the 25 page script and thought it would be a cool story to see up on the big screen (20 to 25 minutes in length). I engaged the invaluable help of Sara Dangler as my producer and we started the process of putting together our campaign. There are many articles out there online about the process, tips and suggestions, as well as horror stories! It is very time consuming, but something that we are willing to do in order to pursue our passion—making a film!

We just launched the campaign, so now we spread the word! The campaign will run throughout the month of August and we hope that there are some supportive and kindly individuals out there that will want to be a part of our Blue Copper team. Understanding that sometimes people are in a tougher financial position, even just spreading the word of the project to others is very helpful. 

I hope that you’ll click on over to watch the brief video that we’ve put together for our BLUE COPPER Kickstarter Campaign…no obligation, of course, just a big thank you from our production team. 

Here is the link to the video: 


You can find more information at our website and on our facebook page.

Thanks for your continued interest in my variety of Blog posts. I honestly do appreciate your valuable time. This should be an interesting month!

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