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Diane M. Dresback has a passion for storytelling, both in book and film mediums. After 26 years of human resources and training management in the travel and financial industries of corporate America, she went down a completely different path tapping more into her “creative-side.” Diane has written four novels, a non-fiction book, and published an online course geared for the leaders of volunteers. Since 2007, she has been active in the independent film industry writing, directing and producing several short films winning numerous awards for her efforts. One of her feature length scripts led to a movie called Atrophy. Diane received the 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award and holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and a Bachelors degree in Human Services. She was born in California, lived in Phoenix, Arizona for many years, and currently lives in Flower Mound, Texas. Diane enjoys spending time with her husband, two grown children, two step-children and daughter-in-law.

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Diane M. Dresback’s passion is for storytelling, both in book and film mediums. After 26 years of human resources and training management in the travel and financial industries, she engaged more of her “creative-side.” Diane’s written fiction, non-fiction, and an online course. She’s written, directed and produced several short films winning numerous awards with one screenplay leading to a feature film called Atrophy. Diane received the 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award and holds a Masters in Adult Education and a Bachelors in Human Services.

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Diane M. Dresback loves storytelling in book and film mediums. She’s written fiction, non-fiction, an online course; written, directed and produced several short films; wrote a screenplay produced into a feature film, received the 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award, 26+ years corporate experience and holds two degrees.

Room For Another (fiction)


Synopsis: Seventy years young, retired teacher and journalist, Theresa Clavin, jumps at the opportunity to help two high school girls struggling with a journalism writing assignment. She surprises her unsuspecting interviewers with stories of a broken childhood after the devastating death of her mother, and challenges with a resentful, unloving stepmother and uninvolved father.

Theresa longs for a “normal life” and believes she’s finally found it as she becomes absorbed in college. But her choices carry consequences, one of which is an unwanted pregnancy. In the late 1950s, options are different for unwed, expectant mothers. Tales of love, loss, and strength provide not only fodder for Theresa’s journalistic students, but also prepares herself for one of the most impactful introductions yet to come.

Room For Another is a fictionalized account based on true life events of author Diane M. Dresback’s biological mother.

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Postponement (fiction)


Synopsis: Nora Collins works at the for-profit organization The Postponement Center, where she helps parents plan for the legal and safe cryonic postponing of their infants, sometimes for health reasons but mostly for convenience. Nora’s ultimate desire is to see one neonate in particular live a normal and healthy life but that requires extreme measure and pushes Nora to take actions she never would imagine doing.  

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Your Action, Your Success: Motivating Yourself to Get Things Done (non-fiction)

Synopsis:  Many of us want to accomplish more. Perhaps it is to start and finish a project, develop a new skill, begin a new hobby or career, or improve in our work. But we have roadblocks and lack of know-how that prevent us from making headway. Your Action, Your Success addresses many of our challenges and offers solutions for getting ourselves moving. How to find the time, set priorities, face your fears and roadblocks, determine motivation, define success, and how to take those first steps.

What a few people thought about Your Action, Your Success: 

"Ms. Dresback offers readers an in-depth view into what prevents well-intentioned individuals from achieving their goals. She offers a unique perspective as well as essential tools and strategies that will help readers self-analyze excuses that they hold as truth, and help identify the underlying challenges in thinking. Your Action, Your Success provides valuable insights to help anyone push beyond perceived roadblocks that stand in the way of attaining goals, and achieve breakthroughs to success.”

“Reading this book is like having a personal conversation with the author, as she shares her experience and insights on ways to not only get things done, but maybe even embrace each task as an opportunity along the way.” 

“Diane brings a unique voice to a book about getting things done. Instead of mindlessly following lists of commands about how to be successful, her conversational and storytelling style puts personal perspective around her motivational concepts.” 

“We all have those items on a “to do” list that we never seem to get to. Diane teaches us how to tackle those items in a well-written, easy to read and understandable way.”

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Reminisce (fiction)

Synopsis:  Estranged from his wife and working a dead end job, Nick Devlyn is introduced to a pleasurable coping mechanism that allows him to re-live past memories from the confines of the Parlor. The man responsible for this world of potent drugs and fringe technology is Sid Johar, a self-proclaimed healer of wounded souls. What begins as a harmless recollection exercise, Nick soon must make sense of disturbing discoveries. 

What a few people thought about Reminisce:

“I read a lot and I have to say that this story totally surprised me in the end! It moves along and I found myself wanting to turn the page as it were to find out what happens next.”

“I found myself completely engaged and pretty much read it straight through. I’d highly recommend this book if you enjoy twists and turns and a good surprise ending!”

“The story is about sadness and guilt, and how hard it is to forgive yourself. It is also about what lengths people will go to re-live special events in their lives.”

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Promise of Protection (fiction)

Synopsis:  After 25 years of estrangement from his father, Joe Tenning is unexpectedly summoned to the bedside of Charles Tenning. Suddenly, he is pulled into unraveling the disturbingly bizarre and ethically questionable work in which his father has been covertly engaged. Uncertain who to trust in the small town, Joe accepts the help of Dr. Lillian Kent who has her own unique brand of patient care. Despite the desire to return to his quiet life running his winery, he now must wrestle with the effects of his father’s work on himself, his loved ones and the lives of many others. 

What a few people thought about Promise of Protection:

“Well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Fun characters with plenty of twists and turns.”

“A short trip to see his estranged father turns into two weeks and a story that holds your interest to the end. It is filled with surprises at every turn. Her descriptions are vivid.”

“Wonderful and heart-warming read that left me at the edge of my seat until the end. I was not disappointed! I strongly recommend this book.”

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Elected Leader, Now What? Strategies to Find and Lead Volunteer Groups More Effectively (online course)

Description:  Frustrated with leading a group of volunteers who won't commit, can't stay on topic or don't follow through? Elected Leader, Now What? is an easy self-paced online course designed for the leaders of volunteer teams and committees to help gain useful insights and develop new strategies for building and leading volunteers. The subject matter is geared for churches, non-profits, community organizations and whoever utilizes volunteers. 

What a few people thought about Elected Leader, Now What?:

“What a needed course. Well addressed. Step by step procedures encouraging a leader toward success and helping a leader negotiate pitfalls. Kudos!”

“I can see using it to train church elders. The wide cast of characters portray the many different folks we see in organizations. As employers look for their employees to volunteer more and youth have volunteering as part of their school curriculum, leaders will find that this is a valuable resource. Thank you.”

“This is a great course for leaders in general. Not only will this benefit volunteers or people who lead volunteers but it will greatly help anchor leadership principles back to tangible examples used within the video sections of this course.”

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