Elected Leader, Now What? (online course)

Strategies to Find and Lead Volunteer Groups More Effectively.

Frustrated with leading a group of volunteers who won't commit, can't stay on topic or don't follow through? Elected Leader, Now What? is an easy self-paced online course designed for the leaders of volunteer teams and committees to help gain useful insights and develop new strategies for building and leading volunteers. The subject matter is geared for churches, non-profits, community organizations and whoever utilizes volunteers. Find out more about what you will learn and take a peek at some of the sections at this link:  Elected Leader, Now What? 


I originally created this course a few years back, but recently discovered a wonderful internet site that hosts online courses. So I revamped the original program adding lots of new content and made it into a self-paced online course.   

The paid course is about what you'd pay going to the movies, so not expensive. However, as an appreciated visitor to my website, here is a Coupon Code that will give you or someone you refer a 25% discount:  ELDD25A


Elected Leader, Now What?

What a needed course. Well addressed. Step by step procedures encouraging a leader toward success and helping a leader negotiate pitfalls. Kudos!
— Teresa Y., International Counselor and Educational Consultant
I can see using it to train church elders. The wide cast of characters portray the many folks we see in organizations. As employers look for their employees to volunteer more, and youth having volunteering as part of their school curriculum, leaders will find that this is a valuable resource. Thank you.
— Nathan B., Pastor, San Diego, CA
This is a great course for leaders in general. Not only will this benefit volunteers or people who lead volunteers, but it will greatly help anchor leadership principles back to tangible examples used within the video sections of this course.
This class was taught to a well-known fortune 500 company in Pennsylvania. The team found value from the content and they greatly enjoyed the class and the examples embedded within it. This class will help enhance the skills needed by managers and project managers to be not just managers but servant leaders of the people who they manage.
— Phill A., Project Management Expert