Storytelling. Whether it be in books, film, music, or through any other number of different mediums, it is a way for an artist to share their uniqueness with an audience. With any of these creative endeavors, the goal is to take another human being on a journey of sorts. After all, life is full of journeys, both small and large.

A Little About Me

I used to love creative writing as a kid. Then one very influential college professor put an end to everything — at least for many years. I re-discovered my love of storytelling in 2002 when a personal situation prompted me to figure out how and then complete a feature length screenplay. With lots of short scripts and some features, I branched out with a Blog. Then when an unexpected move to a small town in Texas came around, I decided to write my first novel. I very much enjoyed the process and decided to keep writing. There are just so many ideas swirling in my head and my passion has become getting them out!  

Every writer has their own unique style and therefore appeal to certain types of readers. I enjoy writing fast paced, suspense, thriller and mysteries. Often there is a psychological or sci-fi element that permeates a modern day setting. I am in search of those readers who like my writing style and enjoy my type of storytelling. If you are one of them, please let me know by sending me a message or finding me via social networks (links below). I would be most honored!

Trenton, Diane and Devon

Trenton, Diane and Devon

My two sons are not only wonderful, talented and creative individuals themselves, but are my very best sounding boards for my story ideas. There is no "sweet talking mom," here! It's good, constructive and honest feedback. Gratefully, I am married to a most encouraging and supportive husband, enjoy two step-children and daughter-in-law.

Interviews and Podcasts with Diane:

Past Experience

In addition to working on her writing projects and blog, Diane has also been in the independent film industry in Arizona since 2007. She has completed over 35 short films as writer, director, producer and various other production roles and has won numerous awards for her efforts. She has written feature length screenplays, including one she also co-produced called ATROPHY (formerly entitled PARANOIA), that is available via Amazon. 

The Phoenix Film Foundation presented Diane with the 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award at the Phoenix Film Festival. More information about her filmmaking experiences and some of her films can be found at

For seven years, Diane was co-owner of a video production company focusing on corporate, industrial and event projects.

She has over 27 years in corporate Human Resources and Training experience with most of that time in management and executive level positions in the financial and travel industries. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and a Bachelors degree in Human Services, Counseling.